Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory Adjusts The Body Balance


   The flat screen printing machine factory is suitable for the factory where the environment is clean, the airflow is not large, there is no dust and the temperature is around 25℃ (the ink is easy to evaporate when the temperature is too high), the following is the installation and debugging of the customer after the purchase of the pad printing machine, View the introduction one by one.

  1. Adjust the balance of the fuselage

  There are balance adjustment screws scattered on the four sole plates of the machine base. The mediation room first aligns the provided soleplate with the screws and places them on the ground, then loosens the nuts on the screws, and then rotates the screws clockwise to make the screws Squeeze the round pie of the foot, and adjust the level of the four screws one by one to balance the body and then tighten the nuts.

  2. Power and power

  Suitable for 220V voltage

  3. Debug barometer

  The intake pressure gauge is usually adjusted to 5, if the index is found to be too high, you can first push the pressure regulating valve up, and then turn it counterclockwise to the standard pressure, and vice versa, adjust it in the opposite direction. After adjusting to the required pressure, press the adjustment limit again to lock the air pressure within the standard range. In order to make the machine work normally and prevent external moisture from entering the pneumatic components of the machine, the water in the water cabinet must be drained frequently. Press the drain thimble of the filter upwards repeatedly to drain the sewage, and at the same time, add lubricating oil to the oil mist cup from time to time to maintain the normal operation of all pneumatic parts (the air source must be released first when loosening the oil mist cup ).

  4. Operation test of each mechanical component

  Whether the operation of each mechanical component is normal has an impact on the printing quality of the product and the life of the machine. Therefore, it is important to test the operation of each component before printing.

  01. After plugging in the power supply and turning on the power switch, check whether the IC version checker is "00 0000". If it displays other digits, the machine cannot be started. You must check the circuit part and related process switches.

  02. Check whether the sliding head moves forward and backward smoothly and whether there is any abnormal noise announced. If the noise of the sliding head moving back and forth is too sensational, you can turn off the electricity and air source first, then adjust the two buffer positions before and after the sliding head. After adjusting the buffer position, lock the buffer.

  03. Check whether the print head rises and falls normally and whether the high and low positions need to be adjusted.