Solution For Ripples Or Strips In Flat Screen Printer Operation


   1. Check the driver of the flat screen printer first. Make sure that the corresponding printer driver is installed correctly. And check that in the driver settings, the corresponding print settings have been selected for the required paper type and resolution.

  2, double-check the graphics card driver of the machine if there is any conflict. Some graphics card drivers on the market can cause conflicts between the video memory and the machine driver.

  3. Check the paper again. Incompatible or inappropriate coated paper may cause streaks due to different ways of ink absorption.

  4. Check the paper thickness lever/set again. If you are using printing paper, make sure that the paper thickness lever is in the normal position of the inkjet printing paper and not in the envelope position. Refer to the printer documentation for information on the paper thickness setting.

  5. Another one is: cleaning and unblocking the ink cartridges. Press the "Unblock" button or "Clean" button to perform or two cleaning processes to clean the ink cartridges.

  6. The last thing is: replace the ink cartridge. If none of the above solves the problem, you can use the replacement method to replace the ink cartridge.

  The above is the relevant introduction of how to do if the flat screen printer has ripples or stripes in the print results. If you don't understand, you can consult us online!