Reasons For The High Precision Of The Automatic Flat Screen Printer


   Today, I will explain the reasons for the high accuracy of the fully automatic flat screen printer.

  The servo motor used in a fully automatic flat screen printer is also called an executive motor or a control motor. In the automatic control system, the servo motor of the electric flat screen printer is an actuator. Its function is to convert the signal (control voltage or phase) into a mechanical displacement, that is, to convert the received electrical signal into a certain speed or speed of the motor. Angular displacement.

  Its capacity is generally 0.1-100W, and commonly used is below 30W. The servo motors of automatic flat screen printers are divided into DC and AC. At present, AC and DC motors are used in flat screen printers, and DC servo motors are the most used.

  AC servo motor used in fully automatic flat screen printer. The structure of the AC servo motor's stator is similar to that of the capacitor split-phase single-phase asynchronous motor. The stator is equipped with two windings with a position difference of 90°. One is the field winding Rf, which is directly on the AC voltage Uf; the other is the field winding Rf. It is the control winding L, which is connected to the control signal voltage Uc. So the AC servo motor used by Licheng flat screen printer is also called a dual motor.

  The rotor of the AC servo motor used by the fully automatic flat screen printer is usually made into a squirrel cage, but to make the servo motor have a wide speed range, linear mechanical characteristics, no "rotation" phenomenon, and fast response performance, it Compared with ordinary motors, it should have the two characteristics of large rotor resistance and small moment of inertia. At present, there are two ways for the rotor structure that is widely used: one is a squirrel cage rotor made of high-resistivity conductive materials with high-resistivity conductive materials, to reduce the rotor's moment of inertia, the rotor is made slender; the other is One is a hollow cup-shaped rotor made of aluminum alloy. The cup wall is very thin, only 0.2-0.3mm. To reduce the magnetic resistance of the magnetic circuit, a fixed inner stator should be placed in the hollow cup-shaped rotor. The hollow cup-shaped rotor has a small moment of inertia, has a fast response, and runs smoothly, so it is widely used.

  When the fully automatic flat screen printer servo motor has no control voltage, as long as the pulsating magnetic field is generated by the excitation winding in the stator, the rotor is still. When there is a control voltage, a rotating magnetic field is generated in the stator, and the rotor rotates in the direction of the rotating magnetic field. Under the condition of constant load, the speed of the motor changes with the magnitude of the control voltage. When the phase of the control voltage is opposite, the servo motor Will is reversed.

  The above is the reason why the accuracy of the automatic flat screen printer is so high. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call our service hotline. We sincerely look forward to further cooperation with you.