How To Choose The Open Rotary Screen Printer Screen?


   The glass machine is also one of the open rotary screen printers. It is a printing machine that prints color on the glass. During the printing process, due to the different characteristics of the substrate, there are many types of substrates. Therefore, when choosing the open rotary screen printer, You should consider choosing the screen. Improper selection of the screen will affect the quality of the open rotary screen printer. Generally, you can choose the screen according to the information of the substrate when you choose the screen.

  1. Printing of electronic components When the substrate material is a circuit board, such as integrated circuits, semiconductor components, insulating cloth, television components, etc. Thick tulle can be selected. Monofilament nylon wire or multifilament polyester wire mesh.

  2. Plastic. Glass. Ceramics. Metal products. Wood. When the substrate material is glassware, metal containers, wood, ceramics, plastic products, toys, etc., thick tulle mesh, monofilament nylon mesh, thin polyester mesh, thin Tulle. Stainless steel wire mesh.

  3. Fiber printing When the material to be printed is fiber fabric, such as clothes, scarves, ties, school bags, etc., thin tulle, nylon screen, or polyester screen can be used.

  4. Paper type printing materials are paper type, such as posters, postcards, wallpapers, calendars, etc. Thin tulle mesh, thick tulle mesh, nylon mesh, thin polyester mesh, multifilament polyester yarn can be selected. Monofilament polyester mesh.

  5. If the open rotary screen printer wire is uneven in thickness, it will cause a certain part of the mesh to become thicker or thinner, and the ink color will appear uneven during printing. Therefore, when choosing a screen, you should choose a screen with a diameter and thickness as much as possible.