The Role Of Flat Screen Printing Machine In Drying


   A paper or coating with a very tight appearance on the flat screen printing machine will slow the penetration of solvents. Therefore, there will be solvent residues in the ink and will dry up with the reaction between oxygen and oil and varnish. Of course, this will also add the drying time of the ink to speed up the drying, and use a "drying agent" in the ink to speed up the oxidation process.

  The screen printing machine can speed up the process of boring appearance. Since cobalt is blue, it becomes brown in the dry period, and it is easy to fade the white color. Moreover, it is easily soluble in organic acids, so an acid fountain solution with too low a PH value affects it. It can speed up the internal drying process and is a more powerful drying agent than cobalt. This desiccant is brown, but it has less effect on white than cobalt, and it is not easy to enter the fountain solution. The mixture of these desiccants is usually used in the process of printing operation to accelerate the external and internal drying at the same time to complete the drying process.

  According to the following part of the process, the screen printing machine manufacturer can overcome the boring question of the ink, and discuss the work with the ink supplier before printing, including the paper used. The solution to boring questions is to prevent them. The boring of ink on newsprint is different from the boring of ink on a type of paper. When printing on fine-looking paper, it is necessary to prevent the use of soybean oil-based ink. The higher the acidity, the slower the drying process of the ink. For large-area areas, use a blending oil that includes a desiccant for overprinting or use a transparent standard, and use a recommended amount of desiccant for the ink being used. Too much desiccant will plasticize the ink so that it is not dry. Mixing additional desiccant in the fountain solution can improve the dry function of the ink.