Introduce The Main Features Of Flat Screen Printer


   1. The unique frequency conversion speed control device for flat screen printer, the printing speed is from 20 to 70 prints per minute;

  2, the electronic counter can accurately preset the counting time, and the total number will automatically stop;

  3, flat screen printer can be connected to UV dryer/coating die-cutting machine/slitting machine/cutter/rewinding machine or used alone;

  4. Good ink adhesion, thick ink layer, non-fading, non-fading, good weatherability, bright color;

  5. The flat screen printer is suitable for printing large-area background colors, fine characters, and outlines, all of which are clear and bright without fading;

  6. The flat screen printer has a multi-color printing electric eye device, fine-tuning the operation, the point and color are accurate, and the printing quality is improved;

  7. The flat screen printer adopts the world's best built-in servo motor, and its humanized design is convenient for operation;

  8. Easy operation to reduce the loss of high unit price printing materials during trial version.