Solutions For Flat Screen Printer Noise And Tripping


   Many factors determine the value of the flat screen printer brand to consumers. To facilitate effective measurement of the different effects of these factors, a somewhat confusing and incomprehensible method is introduced here, including common knowledge and technology content. And consciousness preference factors. The concept of good and evil is applied, and it focuses on analyzing the subjective value of the product with which the consumer establishes a connection. To create a higher degree of participation and build a stronger brand, it is necessary to pay attention to the improvement of soft qualitative value while at the same time paying attention to the improvement of hard quantitative value.

  Causes of flat screen printer noise:

  (1) Sundries are left in the printing machine.

  (2) The oil level of the fuel tank is too low, the suction pipe is blocked and the resistance is too high, and the gas leaks.

  (3) The printing machine and the motor are not concentric so that the printing machine and the drive shaft are subjected to radial forces

  The solution to flat screen printer noise:

  (1) Eliminate the debris in the printing machine.

  (2) Add enough oil as required, dredge the oil inlet pipe, clean the oil filter, and tighten the connecting screw of the oil inlet section.

  (3) Re-adjustment. Make the motor and the printing machine concentric

  When the flat screen printer is tripped by the circuit breaker, the closing element 3KO of the standby circuit breaker 3QF is closed at the moving and breaking auxiliary contact (1QF or 2QF) of the working circuit breaker, and the moving and closing contact of the time relay 1KT has not returned to the same (that is, open) During this period, the standby circuit breaker 3QF is switched on. After the backup circuit breaker 3QF is closed once, since the moving-on contact of the time relay 1KT is opened due to the delay time, the flat screen printer backup circuit breaker 3QF can trip by itself when the fault bus protection is activated. Causes to close again. In other words, it is guaranteed that the device can only be closed once.

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