Hot Air Stenter Shutdown Operation Attention


   The hot air stenter is sizing equipment with superior performance and ideal processing effect. There are certain requirements for its operation. For example, during the shutdown period, the staff should also take care not to adversely affect the equipment. So, when the machine stops working, do you know any important things to pay attention to?

  First, we need to place the completed boot in the console position. Then, select the control button and adjust it to red. At the same time, select "0" to maintain the login button. When the guide head reaches the feed roller, the device is closed and the guide cloth is connected to the guide belt. Turn off the cooling cylinder tension motor to "0".

  Then adjust the equipment to the interface of the heating system. At this time, the heating temperature is adjusted to 150 degrees, and the power of the circulation fan is adjusted to remove the remaining moisture in the puller. After about 30 minutes, turn off the heater while ensuring that the circulation fan and exhaust continue to work until the oven temperature drops below 1 degree.

  After finishing this work, we turn off the main switch of the power supply to the device. Employees should clean up the plotter and keep the working environment clean. During this process, the glue applicator should also check the equipment to ensure that all parts are intact and there is no abnormality, such as looseness. At the same time, make sure that the work stops in place, and check the work after the work is over.