Semi-automatic Flat Screen Printer Electrical Part Repair


   The structure of the semi-automatic flat screen printer is divided into the table lift and the screen frame up and down. Here is a simple and detailed introduction of the easy maintenance methods for the common problems of the electric semi-automatic flat screen printer.

  1. Press the start button. Common failures of the workbench without posture: First, check whether the pneumatic valve of the machine is connected and whether the lifting relay can be destroyed. If it is damaged, complete the disassembly and replacement.

  2. The workbench has already risen slowly, and the screen frame has no posture: the first check whether the lifting sensor of the workbench has been magnetically induced to have a signal output, and after troubleshooting, check whether the relays that operate the screen frame are damaged or blocked. Eliminating the above two common faults, the machine should be able to carry out the next posture.

  3. The machine has already carried out the packaging and printing sheet and cannot carry out ink recovery. The workbench cannot return to the original point and makes a sound: or first check whether the sensor on the right side of the screen frame is magnetically induced or destroyed. After troubleshooting, the machine can realize normal operation.

  If you want to increase the service life of the semi-automatic flat screen printer, you must ensure the regular maintenance of the semi-automatic flat screen printer and know how to clear the common faults of the semi-automatic flat screen printer. To increase the service life of the semi-automatic flat screen printer, it is also necessary to select a semi-automatic flat screen printer with good materials.

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