Will Flat Screen Printers Be Replaced By Other Printing Methods?


   A rubber head cleaning device was installed on the flat screen printer earlier in foreign countries to improve the printing quality. During the printing process of the automatic hero fountain pen flat screen printer, since the ink on the surface of the rubber head cannot be completely transferred to the printed matter, the ink remaining in the resin will gradually change the edges of the graphic traces on the surface of the rubber head, causing a decrease in clarity. There are two ways to solve this problem, one is to improve the deinking ability of the rubber head, and the other is to install a rubber head cleaning device. The characteristic of the rubber head cleaning device is that in the process of returning the pad printing rubber head, there is one more action to print on the rubber paper than the ordinary flat screen printer, and the residual ink on the surface will be removed.

  For multi-color printing, adding a cleaning device to improve the accuracy of overprinting is obvious. If multi-color overprinting involves duplication of dots, then the phenomenon of dot expansion will be significantly curbed. At present, the domestic flat screen printer has been developed in the direction of fully automatic, and the rubber head cleaning function has been popularized. You can explain to the manufacturer. Pad printing technology is a special printing technology that is not too sophisticated, and there is no need to pay too much attention to the details of the printing process.

  The traditional turntable flat screen printer and the automatic hero pen flat screen printer have higher production efficiency, but the overprinting accuracy is worse. Not to mention that the fine dot printing can not be completed, even the color block overprinting with slightly higher requirements is not easy. of. This is related to its structural defects.