How To Use A Flat Screen Printer


   Screen printing machines are prone to failures when printing. Some of them are unilateral reasons, but more are complicated reasons. Therefore, operators of flat screen printers should pay special attention to the causes of failures to take corresponding countermeasures.

  1. Blocking means that the part of the graphic with mesh holes cannot transfer ink during printing. This phenomenon will affect the printing quality, and in severe cases, normal printing will not be possible.

  The solution adopted is as follows: use a printing material that is not easy to drop powder, reduce the viscosity of the ink, avoid blockage, and consider the influence of climate when selecting ink, appropriately reduce the viscosity of the ink, and improve the fluidity of the ink.

  2. The ink does not stick to the substrate of the flat screen printer

  Solution: Regularly clean the flat screen printer to remove oil and dust, perform corona and plasma treatment on the surface of non-polar products to improve the adhesion of the ink on the surface of the flat screen printer, and replace the ink with high viscosity. New ink can be added.

  3. Defects on the edge of the ink film. When printing with a flat screen printer, the edge is sawed and damaged. Generally, the edge of a screen printing plate of good quality should be smooth.

  By choosing a high-mesh screen and a photosensitive material with high resolution, the flat screen printer can ensure the uniform thickness of the plate and reduce the occurrence of defects.

  There are always various faults in the printing process of the screen printing machine, such as manual and semi-automatic all do not operate, the power light is on, the printing seat does not operate after moving to the left, and so on. One kind of failure phenomenon: the footswitch is not stepped on and acts immediately when semi-auto; This phenomenon is generally caused by damage or disconnection of the proximity switch on the left side of the horizontal slide. The solution is to replace the proximity switch or connect the switch connection.