What Should I Do If The Flat Screen Printer Is Overheated?


   The development of screen printing machines in the printing technology and equipment management industry is relatively a kind of our own. For small and medium-sized printing machinery, naturally, the machinery must have certain protection policies and measures for the operation ability and national machinery. To prevent accidents in China It can effectively protect the screen printing machine from serious damage. The protector can realize functions such as overcurrent, overheating, under voltage protection, and remote control tripping. The following are the leading brands of screen printing electronic equipment:

  Features and application of flat-screen printer overheat protector

  If the load is not short-circuited and the flat screen printer is overloaded for a long time, the load is more likely to be damaged. Although the current is higher than normal in this case, it is not enough to make the electromagnetic tripping action, the circuit breaker thermal protection device can solve this problem. When the load is overloaded for a long time, the current flowing through the heating element is high for a long time, and the temperature of the heating element rises. When heating, the bimetallic sheet bends upward, pushes the lever upward, separates the two hooks, and disconnects the dynamic and static contacts of the three main contacts. point to cut off power to protect the flat screen printer or the operator.

  Second, the application characteristics of flat-screen printer and overcurrent protector

  Overcurrent protection: The three contacts and three travel lines of the AC working power circuit breaker between the three phases provide a three-phase AC power for the load capacity, and there is a development line in which the electromagnetic release coil and the heating element are connected in series. When the load situation is serious and causes a short circuit, the current flowing through the line can be very large, and the current flowing through the coil of the electromagnetic release is also very large. The coil structure generates a strong magnetic field and attracts the armature through the movable iron core, driving the economic lever. Move, the two hooks are disengaged, relying on the action of the reaction spring, the dynamic and static contacts of the three contacts are disconnected, to cut off the power supply to protect the load from short circuit. If there is a short circuit in the screen printing machine, and the current is abnormal, other related parts of the screen printing machine can be well protected from the students, to reduce the loss of the enterprise.

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