Reasons Why Flat Screen Printer Affects The Quality


   1. Solution

  Carefully analyze the reasons that affect the quality of flat screen printer, and solve them according to the causes. As for the quality problems that occur in non-scratch printing operations, such as stretching problems, optimal distance problems, screen printing stencil making problems, workpiece surface treatment problems, and printing materials The selection and so on will affect the quality of silk screen printing.

  2. Pattern line edge burrs, gaps, cams, etc.

  The surface of the substrate is not clean and has oil stains; the printing material is too sticky, the dirt on the screen mold has not been removed, the particles of the printing material are large, and the high-mesh screen cannot pass through; the screen printing drying speed is too fast, and the screen printing workplace is ventilated; fast-drying The printing material fails to seal the net in time, resulting in netting; uneven force when scraping printing, large or small; the uneven surface of the substrate, etc.

  3. Patterns or lines are flowery

  The printing material is too thin, and the force when scraping is too large; the printing material is not evenly adjusted; the solvent or cleaning agent on the screen mold is not dry after the screen is wiped, or the surface cleaning agent is not dry or not clean when the workpiece is reworked; the first time After scraping, the sealing force of the printing material is too large, so that a small amount of printing material is squeezed out of the mesh; the speed of the scraper during printing is too different within the effective area of ​​the substrate, and the printing is paused or repeated printing, etc.; The degree does not match the selected screen mesh.