Basic Conditions For The Safe Operation Of Stenter Setting Machine


   In general, to keep the stenter equipment in safe and normal operation, the following basic conditions should be met:

  First, during use, the stenter equipment should be cleaned regularly. Especially about the gears, chains, belt pulleys, etc. of the transmission part, if dust or socks are found in the inspection, they should be removed in time. The wear of each belt should be checked once a day, and the rail guide, sock plate seat, and even the iron must be refueled once in each shift. In addition, each gear reducer should do an oil change every six months.

  Second, the chains related to the tenter setting machine equipment should be checked once a week, and the two chains that move the socks should be as tight as possible. For other parts of the chain, it is better to loosen it manually, and there is no jumping.

  Third, during the operation of the stenter and setting machine equipment, try to avoid pressing the stop button directly, so that the machine can run at the normal speed. If you need to change the material, you can reduce the speed or increase the number of people, and you must not stop at will.

  Fourth, if the equipment of the stenter is accidentally caused to be abnormal, it is necessary to understand the specific operating conditions of the equipment before the failure, to improve the repair speed, reduce the downtime, and thus the operation rate.

  Fifth, the working efficiency of the tenter setting machine equipment has a lot to do with the operating skills of the operators. Generally speaking, reducing the number of times the socks are dropped can greatly improve the operation rate of the stenter.