Method For Improving Ink Firmness Of Flat Screen Printing Machine


   In the processing of flat screen printing machine, attention should be paid to controlling the parameters of water-based ink and the control indicators of water-based ink. The parameters of water-based ink include viscosity, fluidity, thixotropy, and plasticity of water-based ink; the control indicators of water-based ink mainly include fineness, viscosity, pH value, and drying speed. They play a decisive role in the application effect of the ink.

  Good adhesion and abrasion resistance, especially for difficult-to-print substrates. A hardener must be added to the ink, which chemically reacts with the binder. When adding a hardener, attention must be paid to its ratio. On the other hand, the hardener should be added to the ink shortly before printing because inks incorporating hardeners have a limited pot life. Depending on the type of ink, the pot life is generally 6-12 hours. Full cure and optimum adhesion of two-component inks take several days to achieve. A common mistake is to prematurely test its adhesion and chemical resistance. The user must follow the instructions in the relevant technical data.