Speed up the textile printing and dyeing industry intelligent manufacturing

Abst:Under the impact of the mobile Internet, the brand, channel, and users have undergone tremendous changes. Large-scale manufacturing has gradually been replaced by user-customized personalization. ...

Under the impact of the mobile Internet, the brand, channel, and users have undergone tremendous changes. Large-scale manufacturing has gradually been replaced by user-customized personalization. The organizations and processes of industrialized production need to be rebuilt. Traditional industries encountered what hurdles? What path to upgrade? How to establish a new business model?

In most people's minds, the textile and printing industry is a traditional labor-intensive industry. In the smart industrial era, intelligent machines are replacing workers and textile workers are entering the competition for opportunities with intelligent machines. Accelerate the development of intelligent equipment industry represented by robots, and promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries by increasing the popularization and application of robots. At present, the textile industry has entered a new historical period. With intelligent manufacturing and green development as the major starting point, the textile industry will accelerate its efforts to cultivate new kinetic energy and its core competitiveness and embark on a transformation and upgrading development supported by intelligent technology and equipment.

Last year, Keqiao District launched the "swords" rectification operation, the strictest printing and dyeing industry in history. This year, it continued to increase rectification work and eliminated backward production capacity. It is estimated that 100 printing and dyeing enterprises will be retained by the end of this year. In addition, Keqiao District subsidies for technological upgrading to 15%, 15 times the ordinary industry, which promoted the concept of environmental protection in many enterprises from "want me to change" to "I want to change" change. Xingming Dyeing and Finishing, Yingfeng Technology, Lego Printing and many other printing and dyeing enterprises have stepped up investment in environmental protection, using the world's most advanced production equipment and technology, the implementation of the printing and dyeing upgrade to reduce environmental pollution. In recent years, Keqiao District printing and dyeing industry in the environmental aspects of investment is unprecedented, the District Government District brave men and women brave enough to promote the transformation and upgrading of printing and dyeing industry, Keqiao enterprises than the province and the rest of the country as early as the other printing and dyeing enterprises to upgrade and upgrade one step .

Keqiao textile printing and dyeing industry is the pillar industry of Keqiao. With the excess capacity of embarrassment and the needs of ecological development, "low, small, scattered" printing and dyeing enterprises to transition, the merger is the only way, but also Keqiao textile choice. With the completion of Keqiao Binhai Industrial Park, more and more capable large-scale printing and dyeing enterprises have settled in, and many of them invest hundreds of millions of yuan to update equipment and build new factories. After the pain, the enterprises moved into the industrial park to enjoy a more rational layout of the plant; industrial park supporting the sewage treatment plant, each company no longer need to build their own sewage treatment ponds; convenient transportation routes and so convenient, so that the original "small printing and dyeing "Successful transformation and upgrading. Keqiao dyeing and finishing has gone in the forefront of the country. Always adhere to the goal of "green high-end, the world's leading", through self-training "internal strength" and improve the added value of products, Keqiao printing and dyeing enterprises not only have to win the rectification and upgrading, agglomeration upgrade the toughness of this emboldened, but also resolutely pragmatic Support Central EPO work.

In 2016, "Poseidon Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd." located in Paojiang, Shaoxing removed some of its low-end production capacity and dropped its sewage discharge from 5,000 tons to 3,200 tons. This year, large investment is the choice of clenching teeth, and now it is light to concentrate on expanding High-end customers, the introduction of the top digital printing machine target customers is "Armani" and other well-known brands. Only equipment, technology, technology, seamless integration of high-end, companies are more with the international bargaining power of high-end fabric users. In Shaoxing dyeing and printing co-located Keqiao Binhai, a group of "stay" down the scale of printing and dyeing enterprises to focus their development strategy in the printing and dyeing manufacturing 4.0. Zhejiang Yingfeng Technology Co., Ltd. is stepping up its efforts to build a "smart factory" where energy consumption can be precisely controlled and order management and process can also be remotely and dynamically monitored. A white cloth quietly "walked" over the "waterless dye cylinder", every second, a new look, colorful, the entire process does not produce a drop of printing and dyeing wastewater, although the operation is not a long time, but the international brand custom orders have been discharged to the end, Zhejiang Lego Industrial Co., Ltd. from Switzerland introduced the city's first "anhydrous dye cylinder" brought a greater market effect.

Zhejiang Mei Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. developed ultra-fine fiber composite materials, belonging to high-end non-woven new materials, with 12 national invention patents, to fill the gaps. As a car interior materials, its high added value has been applied Lamborghini, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and other car seats, front center console. "Red, green and blue" of the original digital printing fabric, "Bao Textile Printing and Dyeing" batik fabrics and other leading the trend of international fashion trends; "Ji Ma Liang Si" hemp products, "Neo Woolen" cashmere scarves, Haihong printing and dyeing, "the silk printed cloth is a green ecological, healthy and comfortable model;" fine new materials, "the carbon fiber," the new printing and dyeing "sound fabrics and" Yaqinuo "wallcoverings and wall Ka, opened the function The new era of innovation and development of the fabric; the high-grade textile fabrics such as "LEGO Share", "Xin Shu Textile", "Rainbow Zhuang" and "Binkang Printing and Dyeing" won the trust of many domestic enterprises such as Gucci, Coach, Zara, H & M, Outside the well-known clothing brand of all ages. Foreign trade orders for innovative products increased, the price increases.

Intelligent equipment support products to the high-end. In the context of rising labor costs, improving the digital and intelligent technical level of textile equipment has become an important means for the textile industry to improve labor productivity and product quality. Shaoxing, Zhejiang Dongsheng digital research and development of waterless printing machine, directly from the computer control of dyes and auxiliaries printed on the fabric, printing process does not produce noise and waste water, emissions and so on. Promote the development and application of intelligent textile equipment. Textile equipment is the carrier of intelligent manufacturing in the textile industry and a new generation of integration of information technology and textile technology. The industrial application of intelligent textile equipment is the key to improving production efficiency and product quality , It should make full use of the existing capital channels to support enterprises in carrying out research and development and promotion of new spinning and weaving equipment and new printing and dyeing equipment.

From the trend of the textile industry, the traditional textile industry is emerging new vitality. Technology, fashion, green should become a new label, a new symbol of the traditional textile industry. Textile industry profits rose, much better than expected. "Printing and dyeing + market" has always been Keqiao textile industry's two core competitiveness. After last year's unprecedented printing and dyeing industry, "Sword" rectification and upgrading activities, printing and dyeing industry this year, Keqiao District, the output value to achieve year-on-year growth, reaching a new high in recent years. At a time when the situation in the textile industry is improving, with the continuous deepening of the construction of the blue-print fashion town and the "three start-ups" of China Textile City, the concept of green, fashion and technology is accepted by more and more Keqiao enterprises, Recognized and applied to daily product research and development, Keqiao textile enterprises continue to enhance the added value of products, Keqiao textile industry from the low-end run volume jumped to the high-end, highlighting the industrial restructuring and upgrading. Foreign trade orders for creative products increased, the price rose.

Kevin Kelly, the world god of the internet, predicts the future of Internet textiles at the 2016 China Garment Forum in Hangzhou Summit. He published the book "Out of Control" many years ago and foresaw the trends of cloud computing, Internet of Things, and virtual reality. "When robots replace manual labor in the textile and apparel industry, the future is not just about making fashion clothes." He introduced the next ten or twenty years of Internet-based textiles trends from artificial intelligence, virtual reality, sharing and mobile.

As China's traditional pillar industry, "Internet + Textile" will be a major innovation in changing the status quo of the textile industry. With years of development, a large number of "Internet +" B2B platforms have emerged. Many of them are veterans such as Global Textile Network and Alibaba, There are chains still network, cloth network, search cloth and other emerging platforms. E-commerce to the textile industry in addition to the transaction process more convenient, more is to break the original geographical restrictions, all over China fabric and garment factory supply and demand together in order to solve the traditional selling cloth and find fault problem.

The "One Belt and One Road" construction bonus is full of confidence in the development of textile trade in Keqiao District. It fully consolidates the "Four Beams and Eight Pillars" in the construction of "One Belt, One Road" in Keqiao District, and plays a pivotal role in promoting the "Buy the World and Sells the World" textile in Keqiao District Role, to create a traditional industrial agglomeration into the "Belt and Road" win-win model.

Promote intelligent manufacturing of textile printing and dyeing industry, intelligent manufacturing is an important starting point for the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry. The textile industry can start from the following aspects to further accelerate the arrival of smart manufacturing:

First, to promote the development and application of intelligent textile equipment. Textile equipment is the basis for the textile industry to carry out intelligent manufacturing and a new generation of information technology and textile technology carrier. The industrialized application of intelligent textile equipment is the key to improving production efficiency and product quality. We should make full use of the existing capital channels to support enterprises in carrying out research and development and promotion of new types of equipment such as spinning and weaving equipment and new printing and dyeing equipment.

Second, the implementation of textile coding system. Textile coding, a breakthrough in textile e-commerce, is conducive to online sales. Product codes play a unique role in the circulation of commodities at home and abroad, and facilitate the development of standards, new product development, production, sales, academic exchanges, teaching and research, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, electronic barcode and other aspects of product information management. Applications. Through the product code, you can make all departments to improve efficiency, rapid delivery of various product information, easier communication of opinions, it can be said that a unified standard product code will become the information on the highway "pass." Textile products in developed countries have strict notations on the inner raw materials of apparel and their contents, fabric structure, composition and function, etc., and all use electronic tags during the transaction. Textile product coding technology will be the development of the textile market boosters. The sales of textiles are marked with the production or processing factories, the promotion of electronic bar code products, product quality standardization management as the starting point, advocating original design, to encourage registered trademarks and brand creation, to strengthen the old name, premium products of origin protection, to eliminate counterfeit , Fake and three non-listed products to reduce quality disputes.

Third, give full play to the pilot demonstration of the leading role. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has carried out demonstration pilot projects of smart manufacturing for two consecutive years. A batch of advanced models have emerged in the national textile industry. For example, the Pilot Group Demonstration of Cheese Yarn Dyeing Smart Factory in Shandong Kangpingna Group, Demonstration "and so on, should fully sum up the successful experience of leading enterprises and technology, and promote the entire industry, thus contributing to the textile industry as a whole to enhance the level of intelligence.

Fourth, it is to create intelligent manufacturing personnel in the textile industry. We will strengthen the training of intelligent manufacturing personnel in the textile industry, cultivate a number of composite talents that combine the knowledge of the textile industry and intelligent manufacturing technology, and a group of highly qualified professionals who are good at intelligent equipment and system operation. Explore a variety of personnel training mechanisms to encourage textile enterprises and colleges and universities to cultivate intelligent manufacturing talents.

Fifth, it is to build a smart manufacturing public service platform for the textile industry. Through the in-depth integration of production, education and research, the Bank promoted the establishment of a public service platform for intelligent textile manufacturing, provided services such as testing and verification of key technologies for smart manufacturing in the textile industry, transfer of incubation services, professional and technical consultancy services, etc., enhanced support for service resources and accelerated advances in smart manufacturing technologies for the textile industry Applications.