Dyeing and printing new regulations for a half months cause these changes in the textile

Abst:This year, the difficulties of textile enterprises may not fluctuate raw material prices, downstream orders are not good, but the environmental protection ...

This year, the difficulties of textile enterprises may not fluctuate raw material prices, downstream orders are not good, but the environmental protection requirements and investigation, the printing and dyeing industry is the first to bear. With the October 1 implementation of the new printing and dyeing regulations - "Printing and Dyeing Industry Standard Conditions (2017 Edition)" and "Interim Measures for Printing and Dyeing Enterprise Management Notice", a number of substandard printing and dyeing enterprises shut down one after another. At the fourteenth yarnexpo, China Cotton Net reporter came to the booths of two participating dyeing and printing enterprises to understand the impact of environmental protection standards on the printing and dyeing enterprises.

Li Fu, vice president of Hangzhou Tianrui Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., said that as the first printing and dyeing enterprise under its control, more than 70% of the company's products are exported, of which the U.S. market accounts for the largest proportion and Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia are all involved. Top management attaches great importance to environmental protection, a few years ago has invested heavily in sewage treatment, air purification, procurement of equipment to take into account the issue of environmental protection, and now has been fully prepared for the past five years to deal with higher government environmental protection Claim.

Zhouren Li, manager of Mianyang Lianlian Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., said: "Environmental protection is the responsibility of the enterprise to ensure that economic development and environmental protection go hand in hand. We have taken a sound environmental protection system into consideration from the start and have introduced new environmental protection technologies Environmental protection, and strive to be pollution-free. Now many companies said that the development of the company subject to environmental issues, in fact, this is the responsibility of all enterprises in the development of the company is an integral part of environmental protection, 70-80% of our products are Exports to Europe and the United States market, European and American enterprises on corporate social responsibility is also very valued.

Feedback from the exhibitors cotton spinning enterprises, most small printing and dyeing enterprises closed down, many orders transferred to a large printing and dyeing enterprises, but not the entire printing and dyeing can not be sustained operation, the most obvious change is the cost of printing and dyeing, the need for cash settlement, delivery Postponed, some can not be sure delivery. According to the relevant person in charge of printing and dyeing Tianrui, dye prices rose significantly this year, a lot of cotton spinning business that the increase in printing and dyeing printing and dyeing enterprises prices, in fact, the impact of increased dye costs. Currently in the entire industry in the production season, orders in good condition.