Pay Attention When Operation of Hot Air Stenter


Pay Attention to These Contents During the Operation of Hot Air Stenter.

In general, in order to ensure the normal operation of the hot air stenter, as a user, in addition to paying attention to the operation skills, you should also pay attention to the following:

First, regarding the running tension control of the hot air stenter. Under normal circumstances, the feeding device of the device requires low tension. For example, in the process of tentering and shaping the knitted fabric, the steps of unwinding the upper car, installing the expanded roll before the padding, and installing the passive roller after the rolling point are all related to the tension of the running of the fabric. Therefore, the whole weft alignment device should be used reasonably, and each device should be carefully inspected to ensure low tension and should be adjusted in time if necessary.

Secondly, in the normal operation of the hot air stenter, in order to keep the coil structure of the entire width of the fabric uniform to prevent problems such as deformation of the cloth edge, it is necessary to maintain the overfeed control between 20% and 40%. In addition, since the knitted fabric is in a relatively relaxed state before being dried or shaped, this process is the key to eliminating residual tension and reducing residual shrinkage.

Therefore, while maintaining the normal operation of the hot air stenter, it is also necessary to pay attention to controlling the critical moisture content of the fabric. When the tenter is shaped, the dry fabric is fed, and the steamer is suitable. This is because the use of saturated steam for wetting ensures a uniform distribution of the moisture content of the entire fabric in the longitudinal and transverse directions of the knitted fabric.

In addition to knits, licheng hot air stenter can also be used to process many different fabrics. Throughout the process, for fabrics with different fiber compositions, process conditions such as temperature and vehicle speed should be reasonably set. Moreover, in actual production, it is also necessary to consider the implementation of relevant process regulations.

In short, during the operation of the hot air stenter equipment, suitable process conditions should be set for different production conditions to ensure the shaping effect.