Key Points in the Operation (Hot Air Stenter)


Regarding the operation of the Hot Air Stenter setting machine, there are many problems to be noted. As a user, we must not only inspect and maintain it according to the specifications, but also be proficient in the correct operation method, and keep in mind the precautions. In this way, the operation of the hot air stenter equipment can be made more stable and safe.

In the process of operating the hot air stenter equipment, if it is necessary to adjust the full width of the stent, then the transmission components of the machine should be rotated at this time to check whether it is normal. When it is confirmed that the normal width is adjusted, then the full width is adjusted to the required width, and the edge tracker is adjusted, and the overfeed amount is adjusted to a predetermined value.

It should be noted that in order to ensure the good operation of the hot air stenter, the staff needs to regularly lubricate the width adjustment device, and also carefully check whether the transmission system of the width adjustment device is normal. Normally, the width control system should be tested and adjusted within one month or according to the appropriate adjustment of the equipment.

In addition, in the operation of the hot air stenter, the operation of the compressed air source also needs to be cautious. First, check whether the air pressure of each part is normal. It should not be lower than the following requirements: traction rolling pressure: 0.35MPa; tension frame: 0.25MPa; two-roll rolling mill: 0.5MPa; cloth discharge device: 0.5MPa; check the action of each pneumatic valve Whether it is normal or not, it can work.

In addition to the above operational precautions, the threading operation of the hot air stenter setting machine also needs to be treated with emphasis. When the cloth is passed through the traction rolling mill, the two-roller and the super-feeding roller on the feeding frame, care should be taken to avoid rolling the hand. When the cloth is passed through the front storage rack, safety measures are also required to prevent the operator from falling.