Hot Air Stenter Overall Solution


Stretching finishing means that the fabric of a certain moisture content and the hygroscopic chemical fiber are gradually widened to a predetermined size on a Hot Air Stenter , and simultaneously heated and dried to eliminate part of the internal stress and coordinate the warp and weft state. The process of making the fabric uniform and stable, and improving the weft and the like.

The edge control of the hot air stenter adopts the infrared edge detector; the transmission system adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation; the upper and lower super feed, the brush wheel and the cloth are synchronously operated by the synchronous motor and the main drive frequency conversion special motor; the control system adopts All digital, inverter, PLC, touch screen, display communication method. The circulating fan of the hot air stenter adopts AC frequency conversion speed regulation, and the motor and the fan are directly connected; the temperature of each drying room is automatically controlled separately; the air blowing pipe adopts the punching nozzle type, and the upper and lower wind speed ratios can be adjusted.

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