Hot Air Stenter Composition Description


The Hot Air Stenter is a kind of equipment in the textile printing and dyeing factory, which is characterized by stretching and tensioning the fabric by heating and stretching the two sides, and the width of the latitude of the latitude is uniform.

1. Hot air stenter entrance frame and width limiter: It can help the cloth guide to unfold and correct the cloth, and can choose high and low position to enter the cloth.

2. Composite center corrector (guide): It has the function of direct guide correction.

3. Sizing machine (rolling mill): water and sizing.

4. Speed compensation device (displacement detection wheel): Controls the tension between the sizing machine and the hot air stenter.

5. Weft Corrector: Corrects the weft or weft of the cloth.

6. Hot air stenter central control panel: All electric adjustment functions are concentrated above the entrance box, covering 95% of the operating functions of the whole machine.

7. Monitor: With the camera in the distribution area, you can monitor the condition and quality of the cloth at any time.

8. Hot air stenter inlet box and retracting code upper needle feeding device.

9. Edge spreader and edge tracker: responsible for the unfolding and edge tracking function of the front edge of the upper needle.

10. Needle/clip chain and track: The cloth is conveyed by needle board or splint into the oven for drying.

11. Hot air circulation bellows: equipment for hot air circulation windmills, heat exchangers, drying or styling fabrics.

12. Width adjustment mechanism: Adjustable fabric.

13. Exhaust system: There are exhaust wind turbines, ducts and intake/exhaust dampers, and there is an optimal design for exhaust ventilation.

14. Cooling device Cold air and water-cooled cylinder: There are cold cars and cooling cylinders.

15. Cut cloth edge and middle section knife: The side cutter can cut unnecessary upper cloth edges and suck it out.

16. The hot air stenter is provided with a cloth distribution cloth: there are two ways of distributing cloth and rolling cloth.

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