Hot Air Stenter Continuous Processing New Process Origin


The Hot Air Stenter Machine is a kind of equipment in the textile printing and dyeing factory, which is characterized by stretching and tensioning the fabric by heating and stretching the two sides, and the width of the latitude of the latitude is uniform.

The continuous flat dyeing and finishing of knitted fabrics not only improves the quality, but also has less damage to the fabric, and has good flexibility and reproducibility, and can reduce the production cost of the mercerizing machine by about 10% to 15%. The wide width hot air stenter for woven fabrics with a nominal width of 3200 mm and 3400 mm.

The hot air stenter is mainly used to make the weaving machine. Generally, the hot air tenter uses the heat transfer oil to heat the air in the setting machine, and then heats the fabric. When the fabric reaches a certain temperature and remains for a certain period of time, the structure of the fabric changes to achieve the purpose of setting. The double-point lining coater is the main equipment for processing high-grade low-elastic linings and thin non-woven linings. It mainly consists of several parts such as retort, slurry coating, dust coating, up and down suction, drying room, cooling and winding, pneumatic and electrical control.

At present, the general trend of hot air stenter technology development is: development towards environmental protection, energy saving, time saving and high efficiency, focusing on waterless processing technology, non-plate printing technology, low temperature plasma processing and other new technologies; another important The trend is to widely adopt automation technology. The transmission system adopts AC frequency conversion multi-unit synchronous speed control system. In the control system, programmable logic controller (PLC) or industrial computer control (IPC) is widely used. The parameters online monitoring are widely used and the dyeing is improved. The degree of automation of the whole equipment has greatly improved the process stability and reproducibility.

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