Working Principle (Flat Screen Printing Machine)


The Flat Screen Printer is the abbreviation of the magnetic bar flat screen printing machine. The flat screen printing machine is an important production equipment for the textile printing and dyeing industry, especially the manufacturing enterprises of towels (including bath towels, beach towels, decorative towels, towel tapestries, etc.).

The flat screen printing machine transports the towel by the rubber conveyor belt (referred to as the guide belt). The multiple flat nets are overprinted on the towel with different colors. The accuracy of the printing and color registration directly affects the beauty and quality level of the finished towel, so it is required to drag The system is positioned accurately; in order to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, it is necessary to maintain a certain printing speed. If the speed is too fast, the inertia is too large, the guide belt is difficult to stop, and the positioning color is inevitably inaccurate. This is an unavoidable contradiction.

Working Principle (Flat Screen Printing Machine that from hotairstenter):

Firstly paste the white towel blank with the milky white glue at the predetermined position of the guide tape, then start the inverter to drive the three-phase cage type AC asynchronous motor. After the motor is decelerated by the worm gear reducer, drag the guide belt, and when the towel on the guide belt is aligned with the printing After the position of the flat net is stabilized, the flat net frame is pressed down to close the towel, and the thin round magnetic steel rod placed in the net frame is driven to reciprocate under the driving of the magnetic field controller under the conveyor belt to pass the pigment placed in the flat net. The hollow pattern is printed on the towel. After the pattern of the first color is printed, the frame is lifted, and the belt is sent to the next frame to stop, and the second color pattern is printed until multiple colors (generally 8 to 10 colors) are sequentially After the registration is completed, a colored towel is completed, and the second towel is printed next to the first towel without gaps. After each towel is dyed and dyed, it is then sent to the tunnel steam oven for drying, then quilting, finishing, quality inspection and packaging until the factory is shipped.