Common Faults and Solutions (Open Rotary Screen Printing Machine)


Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine must undergo corrective operation and guide belt trimming during installation and debugging, so that the deviation of the printing guide belt can be controlled within a correctable range. However, as the use time prolongs, the deviation of the conduction band may become larger and larger and lose control. There are many factors affecting the deviation of the printing belt. The main points are as follows: the deformation of the printing belt, the uneven control of the tension of the belt tension roller, the different supporting force of the supporting roller, and the obstruction or failure of the correcting device.

1. Deformation of the printing belt of the rotary screen printing machine: After the printing belt is operated for a long time, the internal stress is redistributed, which causes the deformation of the conduction belt; in addition, the aging of the rubber layer of the conduction belt may cause the conduction belt to be unstable during the continuous operation. So that the deviation. When this happens, you must consider replacing the new tape.

2. The effect of the tension roller of the rotary screen printing machine: the tension acting on the two ends of the tension roller is different, resulting in non-parallel between the tension roller and the main driving roller. The solution is to adjust the parallel between the tension roller and the main drive roller. At the same time, when adjusting the tension, the elongation of the conduction band should be considered comprehensively.

3. The effect of the support roller of the rotary screen printing machine: When the compressed air pressure used does not reach the specified requirements of 0.6~0, 8MPa or the air path is not smooth, the support roller will be unevenly stressed at both ends, thus making the two The amount of end support is also different. The solution is to ensure the supply pressure, check and clean the gas path.

4. The influence of the correcting device of the rotary screen printing machine: the failure of the correcting device or the jamming of the transmission mechanism or the wear of the worm gear in the worm gear box will affect the normal operation of the correcting device, resulting in the loss of the conduction band. The solution is to check whether the correcting probe fixing screw is loose, whether the contact between the probe and the edge of the tape is within the controllable range; check whether the worm gear drive shaft is stuck or the transmission is blocked, such as the worm gear wear, it should be adjusted properly If the gap is severely worn, it should be considered for replacement. At the same time, the frequent starting and reversing of the correcting motor may also cause the motor to be burnt. In this case, check whether the correcting motor is running normally.

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