Component (Open Type Rotary Screen Printer)


The Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine is composed of feeding, drying, and falling cloth,etc.

First, Feeding Device

It has two types of feeding as open-width into cloth and roll into the cloth. When the cloth is wound into the cloth, swinging cloth guide roller can be pressed onto the cloth roll, and the cloth is guided to the printing device by the rotation of the cloth feeding roller. The basic arrangement of the two types is mainly a tightener, a selvedge guider, a vacuum cleaner, a driving roller, an elastic frame, and a regulator and a side device, the edge-suction device of which developed the edge-stripping device, the opposite device and so on later. The feeding device mainly makes the fabric flat and centered and ensure the fabric to be fed at low tension and the correct position of the door.

Second, Printing Scratch Unit

It is mainly composed of squeegee printing devices, transmission devices, water-washing devices for the flower system, roller belt weft devices, gluing devices and degumming devices. Regarding the pulp blade, there are two forms. One is a blade made of stainless steel, and the other is an airflow blade having a cutter head of a polymer material. Each blade has its own specific application. The airflow type squeegee blade can be used in the entire pressure range. In practice, the airflow squeegee has the following advantages: pervasiveness, good working properties, and adjustable mechanical pressure

Third, Gearing

It is divided into coaxial gearing and independent gearing. The coaxial gearing is dragged by the same motor through the gearbox to achieve synchronization between the circular net and the conduction belt. Independent gearing is a way in which each independently driven circular net is dragged by its own step or servo motor and the guide belt is tracked by computer control to achieve strict synchronization.

Four, Registration System

It mainly completes registration of 3 directions: vertical, horizontal and oblique. For mechanical drive vertical registration, the range is limited. For the longitudinal direction of the independent drive, the adjustment range is endless.

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