Domestic Flat Screen Printer


Flat Screen Printer is widely used in cotton, chemical fiber and its blended fabrics, printing in silk, knitted fabrics, bed sheets, decorative fabrics and so on with wide adaptability, large flower return size, high pattern fineness, low netting cost, and matching plate-making equipment, etc. , adopted by the majority of customers.

In recent years, the demand for flat screen printing machines by domestic customers has been maintained at a high level, but the regional development is not balanced, mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, especially in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.

Domestically used imported flat screen printing machines mainly include Swiss company Beruser; Japan's TOSIN company; Taiwan's Qizheng company; Italy's REGGIANI company, South Korea's DEAWOO company, and other products. Among them, BUSER and TOSIN have a high reputation, but the models from the Gulf and South Korea have also attracted many users with low-cost payment methods. Among these companies, Buser uses the form of a hydraulic floating roller. Other companies are in the form of AC servo motor drag. Each company's frame promotion system is different, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, in Italy, each printing unit is separately lifted.

Although the rack is simple, the printing unit is complicated and difficult to wipe the net. The machines in Taiwan Province were lifted twice to solve the problem of difficulty in wiping the net. Because of the floating roller structure, Buser has a long guide belt and a complicated mechanism. Therefore, the cost is high. However, it also has the following advantages: continuous feeding and cleaning of the guide tape can be achieved. Sizing. Therefore, the tension of the cloth is reduced, the cleaning effect of the conduction belt is good, with the uniform size. At the same time, when the guide belt is pushed, only the 1/2 guide belt is deformed small, and the flower return accuracy is easily ensured. The main advantage of the servo motor form of other companies is that the vehicle speed is higher and the mechanism is simple, but the weakness is that the electrical control is complicated, and the flower return accuracy is not easy to maintain.