Feeding Operation of Hot Air Stenter


Do you are already familiar with the feeding operation of the Hot Air Stenter machine? Although this operation is relatively simple, the problems that need attention are relatively trivial, and this operation will affect the subsequent processing effect of the hot air stenter machine. So as a user, we also need to pay attention to this part of the content.

In actual work, we must wear the guide cloth according to the requirements, and check the worn guide cloth to ensure correctness. Then we need to clean the hot air stenter machine first, especially pay attention to check the cloth rack and the front of the machine for dirt, and clean it in time. In addition, you need to check the needle clip for debris and clean it up. In addition, the site environment should be kept clean and hygienic.

When the inspection work is completed, we need to classify the fabrics to be produced according to the process conditions. Generally, the same process fabrics will be used for centralized processing. You should then check the process card and verify that it is correct. According to the processing requirements of different fabrics, the feeding tension of the hot air stenter machine, the width of the whole weft detection and the width of the tenter should be adjusted appropriately.

During the operation of the hot air stenter machine, we must ensure that the fabric is not damaged in any of the processing steps. That is to say, the integrity of the guide cloth should be ensured and it must be guaranteed to meet the processing requirements. If the guide cloth is found to be stained or damaged, it should be sorted out in time. If it needs to be replaced, it should be recorded.

The staff should also check the connection of the power line and socket of the hot air stenter machine beforehand. When any damage is found, you should replaced or maintence it promptly in order to prevent accidents.