Flat Screen Printer Is Extensive


The flat screen printing machine also known as the magnetic bar flat screen printing machine, which is an important production equipment widely used for the textile printing and dyeing industry, especially the towel (including bath towels, beach towels, decorative towels, towel tapestries, etc.). The Flat Screen Printer can be divided into Net moving Flat Screen Printing Machine and Cloth Flat Screen Printer Machine.

The net moving flat screen printing machine is to stick the fabric on the fixed printing platen, and the color frame is moved intermittently along the length direction of the fabric by manual or semi-mechanical operation, and the plate is stenciled by one plate after another. The length and width of the platen vary with the type of fabric being processed. In order to make the platen properly elastic, a layer of artificial leather is often placed on the surface, and a blanket or a double-sided cotton blanket under the artificial leather is used. There is a heating device under the platen to keep the temperature of the table at 45 °C, which is convenient for the fabric to paste and dry the color paste, and prevent the color paste from being colored when the front and back color frames are printed. There are positioning holes on both sides of the platen to fix the position of the color frame to prevent mis-flowering. Hand-made plate printing is not subject to tension, color frame size, and color number, making it difficult to color. Particularly suitable for silk, synthetic fibers, knits and large flower or floor printing.

When it comes to the cloth flat screen printing machine adopts computer control technology to realize automatic feeding, automatic applicator, automatic color frame lifting, automatic squeegeing, automatic drying of fabric and automatic cloth distribution, which reduces the labor intensity of operators and improves production. Efficiency is a type of flat screen printing machine that is currently used more.