Flat Screen Printer with Screen Printing Technology


As a matter of fact, there are so many printing industries using Flat Screen Printer for printing, which is determined by the characteristics of screen printing.

The product printed by the screen printing machine has a strong three-dimensional effect

Due to the characteristics of the ink used in the printing of the screen printing machine, the thickness of the ink layer is relatively high. Therefore, compared with other printing methods, the products printed by the screen printing machine will make people look more stereoscopic. In particular, ink printing on some of the more detailed parts is likely to be blurred and unclear if printed by other methods. But if you print it with a screen printer, it can be clearly presented. Moreover, screen printing can be printed not only in solid colors but also in various colors.

In addition, the use of silk screen printing products display color is obvious

Screen printer printing has many types of inks, and other pigments can be used. Therefore, the Flat Screen Printing Machine has a relatively light-resistant feature. And because he prints a lot of colors, it is like printing billboards that can be placed on objects that are displayed outdoors for people to use.

Since the frame printed by the screen printing machine can be specified, the screen printing machine can print larger products than other printing methods, which is a very good advantage compared to other printing methods. Because of this, screen printing machine printing has a larger printing range in the printing industry. This is a very good advantage for development.

Screen printing has a remarkable feature with significant advantages over other printing methods. So it has grown faster and faster in the printing industry. However, when printing, the printing method should be selected according to the advantages of various printing methods, which allow the entire printing industry to achieve balanced development and improve efficiency with high speed.