Flat Screen Printer - Screen Printing Technology


As is known to us, Flat Screen Printer has evolved from traditional printing technology, completely replacing and changing the ancient printing method. Today, the screen printing machine is very versatile and involves many industries. Completely integrated into our lives.

Products printed on screen printers can be found everywhere around our lives, such as automotive glass, home appliance glass, and home appliance trademarks. As long as it is a flat screen printing, it can be done with a flat screen printing machine, and the application industry is very extensive. Of course, there are many ways to achieve it, but I am sure that the use of screen printing machines is the most cost-effective, whether it is traditional industries or emerging industries.

If you don't know very well, you can use the following example to quickly understand the use of flat screen printing machines. If I have a company that specializes in manufacturing and producing home appliance glass (doors and windows, kitchen and bathroom, electrical appliances), the silkscreen printing process is different for each product. Because the application scenarios of each glass product are different, so do some processing when you want to screen. For example, some people like transparent door and window glass, while others like opaque glass. In this case, it is necessary to produce printing, coloring, etc. according to the characteristics of the product.

As far as the Flat Screen Printing Machine application industry is concerned, I will not introduce it in detail here. I have sorted out some products that often require flat screen printing technology . I believe everyone will be clear at a glance. Applications: LCD glass, lens glass, illuminating sheet, sheet glass, mobile phone lens, display panel, panel, nameplate and acrylic film, touch screen, light guide plate, TV, circuit industry, optoelectronic industry, single, double-sided, multi-layer Circuit board, PCB board, liquid green oil, flash sheet, flexible circuit board, flexible circuit, membrane switch, IMD, IML, self-adhesive, thermal transfer film, trademark, label, nameplate, etc.