Common Function of Hot Air Stenter Machine


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Hot Air Stenter is a machine or apparatus for stretching or stentering fabrics. The purpose of the stenter machine is to bringing the length and width to predetermine dimensions and also for heat setting and it is used for applying finishing chemicals and also shade variation is adjusted. The main function of the stenter is to stretch the fabric widthwise and to recover the uniform width.

The function of Hot Air Stenter Machine :

First, heat setting is done by the stenter for lycra fabric, synthetic and blended fabric. Second, the width of the fabric is controlled by the stenter. Third, finishing chemical applies to fabric by the stenter. Fourth, the Loop of the knit fabric is controlled. Fifth, the moisture of the fabric is controlled by the stenter.

Apart from that, When you operate Hot Air Stenter, you should pay attention to:

First, Switch steam, power and heat according to safe operating procedures. Second, The temperature is increased by driving, and the production can only be carried out after the specified temperature is reached. Always observe changes in temperature during operation.Third, the width of the door and the weft density should be measured before the fabric is on the vehicle. If it is too different from the specified range, it cannot be put into production. Fourth, adjust the tension of the cloth to make the fabric flat and wrinkle-free, not skewed, and sew the seam between the horse and the horse. The seam is straight, without wrinkles, and the width of the door should be aligned. Finally, pay attention to the cloth surface when laying out the cloth. If it is found that it is not clean, the width of the door is not satisfactory, the latitude, curling, wrinkles, etc., the disease should be removed in time.