Heat Setting of Hot Air Stenter Machine II


The Hot Air Stenter Machine, a piece of equipment in the textile printing and dyeing factory, is used for stretching and tensioning the fabric by heating and stretching.

The heat setting of the fabric is usually a process in which the fabric is kept at a certain size and heated under a certain temperature and humidity for a certain period of time and then cooled. Therefore, the main process conditions for heat setting are nothing more than temperature, time, tension, etc. In the previous news, we introduce temperature, time in detail. Now, I will introduce the temperature for you.

The tension of the fabric during the heat setting process has a certain influence on the setting quality, including the dimensional thermal stability, strength and elongation at break of the fabric.

The thermal stability of the warp direction increases with the increase of the warp overfeed during the setting, while the thermal stability of the weft dimension decreases as the degree of stretch of the web increases.

After setting, the average single yarn strength of the fabric is slightly higher than that of the unshaped, and the latitudinal change is more obvious than the warp direction.

After the styling, the elongation at break of the fabric decreases, and the latitude decreases as the degree of stretching increases, while the warp direction increases as the overfeed increases.

Therefore, in order to obtain a good dimensional thermal stability of the fabric and to improve the wearing performance of the fabric, the warp direction should be properly over-fed during heat setting, and the latitudinal stretch should not be too high. For this reason, it is required that a large warp tension is not used in the pretreatment so as to avoid excessive elongation and a large contraction of the latitude, so that a larger stretch is finally required.