How to Purchase Flat Screen Printer


LiCheng Flat Screen Printer is mechanical equipment widely used in the textile printing and dyeing industry, which is very popular among the printing machines. Why is the flat screen printing machine so popular with customers? Is the flat screen printing machine really good? The flat screen printing machine has good quality and low price, with high speed and high efficiency. We can go straight into Zhejiang Licheng Group in detail.

How to purchase Flat Screen Printing Machine?

1. Pay attention to the brand

In fact, famous brands maybe not good, niche brands may be not bad, but many consumers hold the view that famous brands are more trustworthy than unnamed brands. After all, if an enterprise grows up from a young age, it should pass the market's assessment. If the technology is not high and the quality of the machine is not good, it is difficult to gain a market share.

2. Pay attention to printing speed

As the saying goes: time is money. The flat screen printing machine with faster printing speed can effectively reduce the labor cost and time cost invested by the manufacturer in the production process.

3. Pay attention to the after-sales service

Once the machine is used for a long time, it is inevitable that the machine will malfunction, and the nozzle is a component that is relatively easy to damage. It is known that there are very few manufacturers in China that can repair the flat screen printing machine nozzles. Most of the machine nozzles can only be replaced with nozzles.

4. Pay attention to the ink

At present, many inks of flat screen printing machine manufacturers are purchased from outside and supplied to the purchaser, and ink is a product that is often used in the production process of flat screen printing. For mass-customized manufacturers, we spend more than 100,000 on the ink. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to choose the ink that can be independently developed so that the production cost can be effectively reduced!