Humidness And Temperature (Flat Screen Printing Machine)


The Flat Screen Printing Machine also is known as the magnetic bar flat screen printing machine. The flat screen printing machine is important production equipment for the textile printing and dyeing industry.

The Flat Screen Printer machine transports the towel by the rubber conveyor belt (referred to as the guide belt). The multiple flat nets are overprinted on the towel with different colors. The accuracy of the printing and color registration directly affects the beauty and quality level of the finished towel, so it is required to drag The system is positioned accurately.

The flat screen printing machine relies on changing the alternating frequency and waveform of the current wave input to the stator coil, which is linked with the temperature and humidity, thus making the product more superior! First, characteristics of measurement: deviation of temperature and humidity, fluctuation of temperature and humidity, and uniformity; second, uniformity should be considered: Different products to be tested are tested according to different temperature and humidity, and the constant temperature and humidity chamber tests are different; third, volatility should also be paid attention to the value of the center point of the workspace that changes with time in the state of a constant temperature and humidity chamber in which the flat screen printing machine is stable; in addition, deviation is inevitable. Within the fixed parameter range, the actual maximum and minimum values of the constant temperature and humidity chamber tested in the workspace are different from the standard test values.

The method of metering is to test under the no-load condition of the flat screen printing machine. If the test is loaded, the load should be indicated in the manual. This is reflected regularly, so we have to say that the user chooses it is right!

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