Inaccurate Registration of Rotary Screen Printer


When two or more patterns of registrations are printed, all or part of the patterns on the printed fabric are staggered or overlapped, which is seriously inconsistent with the original, called inaccurate registration.

(1)Constant Inaccurate Registration

Constant Inaccurate Registration means that the registration is not inaccurate from the start of driving, and the corresponding pattern always shifts from the original position or overlaps. The low impact factors of such problems can be found in the following reasons: the accuracy of the printing machine, the rotary screen and its plate making, the process, the operation, the printed fabric, and the patch pulp.

(2)Inaccurate Left and right Registration

That is to say, the registration is accurate in the middle, but inaccurate on the right or left.

In this case, it is necessary to check whether the mechanical operation of the rotary screen printing part is normal; whether the film draft conforms to each set of film and the door width shrinks when it enters the printing circular net. Generally, printing cotton cloth is to prevent wrinkles, so pre-tensioning will be carried out. If the pre-tensioning is excessive, the cloth surface will shrink sharply when it receives the printing paste, and the registrations on the left and right sides will be inaccurate.

(3) Circle Registration is not accurate

The rickets have been inaccurate from the beginning, and such rickets are mainly related to the rotary screen printer . The rotary screen plate is not well thought out, and the relationship between color and color and pattern is not properly handled, so that misalignment and whiteness are generated in the printing process. Inconsistent circumference of the nickel mesh will also cause this problem, because of the accuracy problem. Therefore, when using nickel mesh, the same batch of nickel mesh must be used to minimize the error.

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