Influencing Factor of Rotary Screen Printing Machine


Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine belt will be affected by some factors as follows: the deformation of the printing belt, the unevenness of the tension of the belt tension roller, and the supporting force of the supporting roller, different supporting force of supporting roller, obstruction or malfunction of correction device.

First, Deformation of The Printing Belt

After a long period of operation, the printing belt is redistributed, resulting in deformation of the belt. In addition, the aging of the rubber layer of the belt may cause the belt to be unstable. As this occurs, you are supposed to consider replacing the new tape.

Second. Tension Roller

The influence of the tension roller on the deviation of the belt is mainly manifested in: the tension between the tension roller and the main driving roller is different due to the different tension acting on the two ends of the tension roller. The solution is to adjust the tension roller between the tension roller and the main driving roller until they are parallel. At the same time, when adjusting the tension, we should take elongation of the guide tape into consideration.

Third, Correcting Device

The failure of the correcting device or the jamming of the transmission mechanism or the wear of the worm gear in the worm gearbox will affect the normal operation of the correcting device, resulting in loss of control of the printing belt. The solution is to check whether the correcting probe fixing screw is loose, whether the contact between the probe and the edge of the tape is controllable; check whether the worm gear drive shaft is stuck or the drive is blocked, if the worm gear wears, we should adjust properly gap. In case of severe wear, replace it. At the same time, the frequent start and reverse rotation of the correcting motor may also cause the motor to be burnt out. At this time, check whether the correcting motor is running normally.

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