Look for A Suitable Flat Screen Printing Machine


How to Look for a suitable Flat Screen Printing Machine ? In the world of printing, flat screen printer is very old but effective. Today, there are many flat screen printing machines on the market. Among them, some are dominating the market with their quality and service.

1, Product Shape

First of all, according to the shape of the product, you can choose a flat screen printing machine and curved screen printing machine. The printing plane can use flat screen printing machine. The printing of circular and conical products can purchase a curved printing machine. Both flat and curved can be used for purchase. Machine, but the flat precision of flat-screen printing is not as high as that of a professional flat screen printing machine, but general advertising is still possible.

2, Material of Products

The screen printing machines required by different products are also different. Printing garments, T-shirts and the like can be purchased from the wheel transfer flower machine (manual wheel transfer flower machine, semi-automatic wheel transfer flower machine, fully automatic wheel transfer flower machine), printing glass plate, etc. Oblique arm screen printing machine.

3, Printing Output

According to the output of printing, the daily output of 1000-2000 can purchase a manual screen printing machine, that is, manual suction platform. More than 2000 can purchase a semi-automatic screen printing machine, oblique arm screen printing machine, and fully automatic screen printing machine.

We researched for a long time to manufacture the best flat screen printing machine on the present market according to their durability, versatility, lifespan, color stations, size, cost. The flat screen printing machine is various. With the increased demand, it is necessary to purchase more advanced machines to improve production efficiency and improve print quality.