How to Maintence Flat Screen Printing Machine


The Flat Screen Printing Machine is an important production equipment for the textile printing and dyeing industry, especially the manufacturing enterprises of towels (including bath towels, beach towels, decorative towels, towel tapestries, etc.)

Flat screen printing machine is one of the methods that printing and dyeing manufacturers often use, which can help us get the ideal printing effect, but due to the operation error, the round net has damage, which will inevitably affect the final printing effect. The crease marks on the surface of the fabric are thus obtained. How to remedy such defects? Let's have a look.

The crease mark on the surface of the printed fabric is caused by damage or crease on the screen of the flat screen printing machine. This is a typical performance of uneven printing during the printing process. To remedy this, you can adjust it first. The distance between the flat net and the printed guide tape is more serious in order to avoid deformation of the flat net.

Before the flat screen printing machine starts printing, the flat net should also be tensioned, so as to maintain the rigidity and elasticity, so that the printing scraper can work normally. Don't forget to touch the two ends of the blade with the flat net. The sharp corner is cut into an arc and polished which will reduce the resistance, protect the flat net and protect the flat screen printing machine.

The above content simply introduces the remedy for the crease of the fabric of the Flat Screen Printer. If you encounter the above problems during use, you can remedy according to the above methods. To ensure the quality of the fabric, you must strictly follow the operating procedures.

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