Nickel Mesh and Glue Modulation of Rotary Screen Printing Machine


Nickel meshes can be divided into pure nickel-nickel mesh and nickel mesh mixed with impurities according to the material. The pure nickel mesh is better than the nickel mesh mixed with impurities in the toughness and service life. However, the price is high. If it is large-volume and strict in quality, it is necessary to choose a nickel mesh with better quality.

Glue modulation of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine also plays an important role. Printing is mainly divided into paint printing, reactive printing and acid printing. The paint printing is directly adsorbed on the surface of the fiber by the adhesive, and the price is low, and the chromatogram is complete, which is suitable for most fabric printing, but the color fastness is poor and the hand feel is hard. Reactive printing, also known as reactive printing, can react with fiber molecules to combine dyes and fibers into one whole.

Thus, the color fastness is excellent, it is absolutely harmless to the human body, and the long-time washing does not fade, but the price is high. Acid printing is mainly applied to the printing of protein fibers such as wool and silk. The chromatogram is complete and the color is bright. Because of the poor directness to cellulose fibers, it is generally not used to print cellulose fibers with acid dyes.

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