How to Operate Hot Air Stenter Properly


Our Hot Air Stenter is used for stentering, drying and heat-setting of cotton, wool, linen filament, silk, knitted or woven fabrics auxiliaries padding. In order to improve work efficiency, it’s of great importance to know appropriate operation of the machine, which is also beneficial to the maintenance of the machine and increases service life. The right operations of our hot air stenter are as follows:

Above all, check the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and safety protection devices before turning on the machine. According to the process requirements, set the temperature, and then turn on the circulating fan. During the heating stage, the host speed is 15m/min, and the cloth cannot be put until the set temperature is reached. After meeting the requirements, open the active brush wheel, press the cloth on the needle plate, try to make both sides flush, and at the same time put down the passive brush wheel and tighten the fabric. When starting the host, you should first ring the bell to inform the tail operator. When you put it to the rear of the car, you should put on the cloth at the fastest speed and tighten the fabric. The rear personnel should cooperate with each other.

Second, add a steam pipe on the exhaust pipe at the top of the oven, which can be cooled by steam. When the temperature inside the machine reaches 165℃, the steam valve should be normally open; the heat sink is equipped with a wire mesh cover to prevent flying flowers from burning on the heat sink.

Finally, regularly check the heat transfer oil pipeline in the oven. If there is oil leakage, we should deal with in time. Before and After your shift, the fly flower should be cleaned, and the fly and oil in the exhaust pipe should be cleaned regularly to eliminate the fire hazard.

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