Safety Operation of Flat Screen Printer


1. When the Flat Screen Printer is running, it is strictly forbidden to sit on the machine and touch the machine and the transmission part of the wire frame.

2. When you wipe the board, only it should be confirmed that the safety rod of the grid has been locked can the board be wiped to prevent the net from hurting people.

3. When you wipe the board or adjust the printing machine, the body should leave the control panel of the printing machine to prevent the control switch from being touched, to hurt people. When you place the board, it is strictly forbidden to touch by hand.

4. After the board is cleaned, the hand mustn’t be placed near the pulley.

5. The operator should concentrate on the work and strictly prohibit the fight.

6. All parts of the printing machine such as electric eyes, electric cabinets, etc. are strictly prohibited from tampering.

7. It is strictly forbidden to cross the transmission parts.

8. If there is an emergency, immediately turn off the emergency stop switch and find the relevant personnel to troubleshoot.

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