Stability Performance of Rotary Screen Printing Machine


Many factors will affect the accuracy of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine. Stability of the printing system should be paid attention to.

The Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine is the key equipment of the printing and dyeing factory and one of the important equipment for the coordination and unification of machinery and electric. The rotary screen printing machine is the equipment responsible for printing as its name suggests, and the printing precision is particularly important. However, there are many factors affecting the accuracy of rotary screen printing. As you know, the current rotary screen printing machine is a high combination of machinery and electric. The analysis of printing accuracy factors cannot be simply divided according to machinery and electric. Instead, the rotary screen printing should be considered as a system.

System stability cannot be ignored. For the leading or lagging problems, it is assumed that the conduction band runs at a constant speed, that is, the velocity of the conduction band at each time point is constant, to some extent, the problem of leading or lagging does not exist. The speed difference of the relative motion between the cylinder and the guide belt is constant, so that accurate printing can be achieved. Otherwise, leading or lagging will appear so that there will be a change in the speed difference between the circular network and the guide belt resulting in the overall wrong registration. It is of great importance to understand this. Therefore, it is easy to explain why foreign rotary nets use high-power DC or servo motors to drag the conduction band in order to improve the stability of the conduction band. Sometimes, wrong registration of a certain printing machine speeds up and down, why the extension of the lifting speed can ease the time? Because it makes the speed of the rotary screen printing machine more stable in unit time.

Apart from these, the stability of Rotary Screen Printer also include air pressure, tension, slurry level, mechanical transmission fit clearance, lateral deflection of the guide belt, longitudinal elongation and so on, all of which will affect accuracy. Therefore, much work to be done to improve the stability of the rotary screen printing machine that from Zhejiang Licheng Group.