Preliminary Preparation of Rotary Screen Printing Machine II


Requirements for the glue of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Since 80% of the defects in the printing process are caused by the printing paste, there are strict requirements on the quality of the glue, mainly including:

The glue must be prepared before opening the machine .

The color of the glue must match the original. The glue should maintain a proper consistency. Generally, the thinner the fabric, the greater the consistency of the glue, the finer the pattern, and the consistency of the glue. The printing paste should be fully dissolved. After the preparation is completed, the nylon mesh should be used for filtration to avoid impurities blocking the net or damage the rotary screen.

Requirements for rotary screen printing machine

The rotary screen printing machine should be thoroughly inspected before driving to ensure that there are no foreign objects in the printed tape to avoid damage to the tape.

The temperature of the drying room should be adjusted according to different glues. If the temperature is too high, the fabric will feel hard, damage the surface film, affect the color fastness, and the temperature will be too low. The surface glue of the fabric is not completely dried, which will cause stickiness and seriously affect the product quality.

All the printing machine bodies should be fully inspected, and the faults should be repaired in time to prevent the parking of the machine parts during the printing process.

The printing machine personnel should be fully equipped, specifically one for each of the front and the rear, one for the pulp, one for the cloth.

The patch adhesive on the printed tape should have sufficient viscosity to make the fabric and the tape tightly attached to ensure the fabric is flat.

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