Printing Guide Tape on the Rotary Screen Printer


I would like to introduce some information of printing guide tape on the Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine as follows

First, commonness. The surface characteristics of the printing guide tape mainly depends on the flatness, temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, anti-aging cracking resistance. Precision and stability of printing guide tape mainly depends on the neutral layer tolerance, the printing guide tape thickness tolerance, the stability of the tension layer and the stability of the main material TPU (or synthetic rubber); the economic of the printing guide tape mainly depends on the price of the printing guide tape , the service life, maintainability and convenient installation.

Second, individuality. Driving method of the printing machine belt is different. For example, the Japan Dongshen 7000 series Flat Screen Printing Machine uses two driving rollers to tension the printing guide tape, and drives the belt movement by friction, while the Busaiping screen printing machine and Zima vacuum clip printing machine holds the belt movement by the electromagnetic clamp or vacuum clamp. The Dongshen flat screen printing machine (servo drive belt guide tape type) is equipped with Habasit's ENU-50AXBD printing guide belt. The tension layer of this belt is made of AFRP with a high modulus of elasticity. The driving roller generates a large frictional force to ensure that the printing guide tape always follows the driving roller during acceleration, high speed, and deceleration. The cloth race model does not need to be equipped with such a high elastic modulus guide belt, because the movement of the guide belt on this model is completed by the clamping of dozens of electromagnetic clamps. It is equipped with Habasit's ENU20ELBD guide belt.

As is seen from the above, the selection of the printing guide on the Open Type Rotary Screen Printer requires a complete understanding of the device, and sometimes not the higher the parameter value, the better. The use of a belt with a high modulus of elasticity on equipment that does not require a high modulus of elasticity guide band can exacerbate machine wear and increase machine energy consumption.

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