Do You Know Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine


Because Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine prints multiple sets of color patterns, the precise position between the sets of colors during the printing process cannot be maintained in a stable state, resulting in dislocation of the pattern, which will cause whitening or color matching. We call it running flower and the reasons for this are summarized as follows: transmission error, registration error, squeegee error, operation error, screen error, nature of conduction band and the fabric itself, etc.

First, Transmission Error. As mentioned above, in the design, the running speed of the rotary screen guide belt is two thousandths to four thousandths faster than the circular running speed of the rotary screen, but the speed difference between the two is too large or is running. During the process, the guide band will slip, which will make the pattern between the sets of colors misplaced, resulting in running flower.

Second, Registration Error. The adjustment range of registration is: ±20mm in the longitudinal direction, realized by the differential structure (the magnetic bar rotary screen printing machine is not limited); the transverse direction is ±10mm, realized by the thread structure; the oblique direction +3mm, realized by eccentric structure; the change of the matching clearance between the parts in the registration adjustment mechanism and the looseness of the cam pair will affect the flower-like precision of the rotary screen printing machine. Therefore, parts with severe wear in this mechanism should be replaced in time. In addition, it should be checked whether the “0” ring that plays a damping role in the longitudinal flowering system is invalid. If it is invalid, it should be replaced in time to prevent the running flower

Third, Scratch Error. If the installation of the squeegee blade is not strong and the flatness is not good, or the width of the squeegee blade is inconsistent with the scale indicated on the squeegee support, the pattern will be misaligned and the flower will be running.

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