How to Choose Suitablet Method of Screen Printing


Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is a technique used to apply images to materials that are printed on. The process is quite simple and has evolved significantly with the advancement of technology and equipment.

Due to the large number of screen printers, it is important to choose a suitable screen printing machine. Here are some important things to consider when choosing a screen printing method:

How many copies do you want to print(Run Length)?

There are some methods that have very high startup costs but very economical for large jobs. So do your research well before settling on any method.

What are you printing on(Substrate and Subject)?

Most of the techniques mentioned here can be used to print on t-shirts but not all of them can print on paper, metal or glass. Consider this too when choosing a printing method.

What exactly needs to be designed or printed(Design)?

Your objectives or the way you have to print something can also determine which one is the most suitable screen printing method.

What is your budget for the job (Available Budget)?

Every printing method has a specific cost associated with it which may or may not fit within your budget.

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